Comment traiter l'écran de démarrage du module à cristaux liquides ?

In the liquid crystal module (LCD) screen processing, engineers need to follow certain steps to troubleshoot and solve to ensure that the problem is effectively solved. The following are specific procedures and processing steps:

Step 1: Check whether the LCD module and the motherboard interface wires are loose. Loose wires is one of the most common causes of LCD module screen. If the wire contact is poor, there will be “noise”, “noise” and other phenomena. The solution is to re-plug and fix the wires to ensure a solid connection.

Step 2: Check whether there is strong electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference can seriously affect the display effect of the liquid crystal module, resulting in the appearance of the phenomenon of screen. Especially in high-voltage environments, such as when there is high-voltage electrical equipment operating around, pay special attention to the problem of electromagnetic interference. You can increase the shielding measures or adjust the layout of the equipment to attenuate the interference.

Step 3: Confirm whether the motherboard and LCD module interfaces are reversed, and whether the connection order is correct. According to the drawings and wiring specifications, carefully check whether the connection order of each interface is consistent. If the wiring order is wrong or the interface is reversed, it may lead to abnormal display. Therefore, it is necessary to check and adjust strictly according to the design drawings.

Step 4: If the above steps can not solve the problem, you should contact the LCD module supplier to seek technical support. The supplier usually has rich experience and professional technical support team, can provide targeted solutions. Describe the specific use of the environment and problems encountered, help the technical support team to diagnose and solve the problem faster.

Summarize the above points, through the step-by-step investigation of LCD module and motherboard interface wiring, electromagnetic interference problems, interface connection order, and seek the help of the supplier, can effectively solve the LCD module screen problems. In practice, engineers should be strictly in accordance with these steps to check and deal with, to ensure the normal display and stable operation of the LCD module.

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