Points clés pour l'approvisionnement en écrans LCD

When sourcing LCDs, several factors need to be considered depending on the application and specific needs. Here are some key purchasing points:

  1. Brightness: Brightness is a crucial parameter for LCDs used outdoors. High brightness displays can remain visible under strong light exposure. In general, the brightness of outdoor display should be 1000 nits or higher.
  2. Contrast: High contrast can make the image more vivid and clear. A high contrast display can provide good visual effects under different lighting conditions, especially in outdoor environments.
  3. Resolution and sensitivity: High-resolution displays can provide detailed and clear images, while high-sensitivity touch screens ensure a fast and accurate response. Multi-touch functionality is an important feature of modern smart displays for scenes that require interactive features.
  4. Durability: The service life of an LCD display is an important consideration. For displays that need to be used in extreme environments, they must be resistant to high and low temperatures, waterproof, drop-proof and shock-resistant. These features can ensure that the display works properly under various harsh conditions and extends its service life.
  5. Optical bonding technology: This technology can improve the brightness and contrast of the display, reduce reflections and improve visibility. Optical bonding also enhances the structural strength of the display and prevents dust and moisture from entering the interior of the screen.
  6. Color performance: For scenarios that require high-quality image display, such as advertising, display and design, the display’s ability to perform in color is critical. Choosing a display with a wide color gamut and high color accuracy can provide a better visual experience.
  7. Brand and reliability: Choosing brands and suppliers with good reputation can ensure the quality of the display and reliable after-sales service. The brand’s reputation and customer feedback can be an important reference for selection.
  8. Application-specific functions: According to specific application scenarios, choose displays with corresponding functions. For example, an outdoor display may require UV protection, dustproof, anti-theft and other functions, while a commercial display screen may require higher color accuracy and dynamic range.

Combined with the above points, the purchase of LCD display should be comprehensive consideration of these factors to ensure that the purchase of high-quality products to meet the actual needs. The high brightness, high contrast and durability of LCDs provided by professional manufacturers such as HUNRUI Optoelectronics can be used as a reference object.

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