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professional TFT Display Manufacturing Services​


Adhere to science and technology as the forerunner, keep improving the LCD display products, constantly meet the needs of users, and use satisfactory products and best services to fully meet the needs of users for TFT LCD display



Competitiveness A high-quality team creates a self-motivation, self-discipline and a mechanism that promotes outstanding talents to come to the fore, which is the guarantee for the company's rapid growth and efficient operation.



SGS and ISO quality system process and strict execution system are our guarantee in the production of display screens. We cooperate with well-known supply chains in the industry to ensure the quality of raw materials and stable supply.

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TFT Supplier

TFT Supplier

12+ years TFT lcd display screen manufacturer

competitive price

competitive price

Direct sales from manufacturers

Quality First TFT Display Manufacturing Services​

Quality First

SGS/ISO/FLEX certified supplier

Professional Team TFT Display Manufacturing Services​

Professional design

A team with over 12 years of experience

TFT DISPLAY application

TFT Display Manufacturing Services​

Automotive Display

Modification of car instrument display, detection of car instruments, navigation display, rear view display.

Consumers Display

Watches, fitness equipment, stereos, POS machines, cash registers, hotel phones, power display screen, and air detection display screen.

Home appliances

Household air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, 86 boxes, oven, coffee machine, order machine

Medical Display

Sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, fetal heart rate monitor, ventilator, vital sign monitor, patient monitor, animal monitor


Satellite phone, mobile phone, telephone, walkie-talkie, access control display, MP4 player, game console

Industrial Display

Power controller, industrial instrumentation, laser printer, 3D printer, charging pile, equipment control display.

About us

Founded in 2010, it is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and service of TFT Lcd display screen. It has dozens of technical patents and software copyrights, and has a R&D and production base in Shenzhen.

In the past 12 years, Hongcai has maintained a compound annual growth rate of 20%-43%, and has become a major supplier of domestic consumer medical electronic products, walkie talkie, telephones, game consoles and other items.

TFT Display Manufacturing Services​
TFT lcd display

Provide the best TFT display

The company focuses on the design and development of new display and touch integrated modules. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, production and sales. At present, it has successfully mass-produced display products such as lcd display screen, LCM,LCM+CTP,LCMT,ultra-narrow bezel display and touch integration. Products are widely used in smart industrial control, mobile finance, smart home, educational electronics, smart medical care, vehicle display and other fields, and have established long-term strategic partnerships with many listed companies and industry-leading brand companies.

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