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The factory building is nearly 3,000㎡, with 60 senior engineering and management personnel in the LCM industry, and more than 130 employees. The company has domestic first-class cutting machines, cleaning lines, COG, FOG, SMT, etc., and 3 main COG bonding production lines, The 10,000-level dust-free workshop has a monthly production capacity of more than 800K.

Quality Starts With Great People

Quality-Hongcai guarantee

At Hongcai, quality is an attitude demonstrated by every employee throughout every department, not just in production. From Sales to Shipping, Design to Assembly, Hongcai prides itself as being a customer-focused organization. We rely on each employee to provide customer satisfaction at every detail and level.


>Calibration accuracy um once a week

Pass rate

>One-time pass rate of good products is 99.3%


>3 electrical performance and stability tests

Production Line







Production equipment
0 +
Testing Equipment
Production capacity per day
0 +

Factory Capabilities

Advanced Equipment

▰Automatic equipment Accuracy um
▰Capacity 800/H

quality system

▰SGS and ISO system certified factory
▰Authorized vendor of FLEX

Selected Material

▰Original factory agent raw materials
▰Stable process

Quality Integrity Policy

Quality is pragmatic and honesty is the basis Customer satisfaction, sincere service Innovation leads and pursues excellence

Quality Integrity Core Values

Integrity and professionalism, Hongdao Jiuding Customer first, colorful display Innovation and enterprising, high quality and win-win situation

Quality control

Quest For QualitY

Quality – A Process Visible In Every Procedure

We strive to be the best partner in the TFT LCD field by providing our customers with the latest innovations and high-quality products as well as timely services. Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments are the backbone of our process, with every employee and department supporting them in putting together an outstanding assembly line of products and services. Our highly qualified and experienced QA and QC teams use state-of-the-art IVD and analytical equipment to ensure that every raw material and component used in the manufacture of our products is identified, selected and tested in a controlled environment.

temperature detection

Ensure IC and TFT LCD panle bond temperature

Bonding detection

Detection of ACF Bond particles for IC/FPC and TFT LCD panel

Balance detection

Ensure IC and TFT LCD panel bond plane balance

pressure detection

Test IC/FPC and TFT LCD panel Bonding pressure

Our Quality Standards


Our Certification

MSDS        ROHS2023        TSCA

Equipment Display

Display color analyzer
Salt spray test
FPC tension
Salt spray test
CTP detection
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