What is a 2.8 inch TFT display?

Ⅰ. Basic content

The 2.8-inch display is a common screen size and is suitable for a variety of electronic devices. This screen size is widely used in portable electronic devices, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4 players, etc.

The 2.8-inch display has a screen diagonal length of 2.8 inches, which is a smaller screen size. Its aspect ratio is usually 4:3 or 16:9, and its pixel density ranges from 240 to 480. This screen size is lightweight and easy to carry, while also meeting the needs of daily use.

In addition, the 2.8-inch display has other features, such as high definition, high brightness, wide viewing angle, etc. They are usually made of TFT material, which has higher light transmittance and better color performance. At the same time, due to its compact and lightweight characteristics, the 2.8-inch display has become the preferred screen size for many mobile devices.

Ⅱ. Display technical parameters

The 2.8-inch display has the following specific technical parameters:

  1. Dimensions: 2.8-inch diagonal LCD screen.
  2. Resolution: Common resolutions are 240×320 pixels, 240×400 pixels, 240×432 pixels, 320×240 pixels, 320×320 pixels, 320×480 pixels, 376×960 pixels, 480×640 pixels, 480× 800 pixels etc.
  3. Color: The display color is 16.7M, which can provide rich color performance.
  4. Brightness: Brightness is usually between 300-500cd/m², depending on the product model.
  5. Viewing angle: Full viewing angle display, users can clearly view screen content from different angles.
  6. Material: IPS panel, with the advantages of high definition and high stability.
  7. Touch method: Supports capacitive touch, which is more sensitive and accurate to use.
  8. Interface type: Common interface types include RGB interface, etc., depending on the product model.
  9. Working temperature: generally -20℃ –+70℃.
  10. Storage temperature: -30℃ –+80℃.

Ⅲ. Recommend low-cost products

2.8 Inch 240*320 TFT LCD Display Resistive touch panel

►Resolution : 240×320 dots ►View Direction: 12 o’clock ►Interface: MCU ►Driver IC: ST7789V ►RTP/CTP: Optional ►Brightness(cd/m²): 380 ►Outline Dimension: 50.00(W)* 69.20(H) * 2.30(T) mm

Ⅳ. The 2.8-inch display has the following advantages:

  1. Moderate size: The 2.8-inch screen size neither takes up too much space nor sacrifices display quality, making it suitable for a variety of mobile devices and embedded systems.
  2. High resolution: 2.8-inch LCD screens usually have high resolution, ensuring that the displayed content is clearly visible.
  3. Diverse applications: 2.8-inch LCD screens can be used in a variety of applications, including portable electronic devices, medical equipment, instrumentation, consumer electronics, and industrial control systems.
  4. Touchscreen options: Many 2.8-inch LCD screens also feature touchscreen capabilities, allowing users to interact with the device.
  5. Low power consumption: These screens are typically designed to consume less power, making them suitable for devices that rely on battery power to extend battery life.

In summary, 2.8-inch displays have many advantages, including moderate size, high resolution, diverse applications, touch screen options, and low power consumption, so they are widely used in various mobile devices and embedded systems.

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