TFT LCD screen different application scenarios on the performance requirements

TFT LCD is now widely used in various fields, covering all corners of our daily life, TFT LCD has different specifications, such as size, resolution, interface, brightness, operating/storage temperature, etc. These specifications have different performance requirements in different application scenarios. Below we analyze the performance requirements of TFT LCDs for each application from the perspective of TFT LCD application scenarios.

Smart Wearable and Handheld Device Applications

Some smaller and lighter products need to use TFT LCD, mainly including smart wearable devices, industrial and medical handheld devices. They have their own requirements for the performance of related devices:

Smart wearable devices: usually require a wide viewing angle, good visibility under sunlight, high definition and touch.
Handheld devices: require durability and longevity.

Instrumentation, small and medium-sized fixed product applications

Such application scenarios mainly include automotive LCD screens, fixed instrument displays, smart home displays and so on. This kind of demand for device customizability requirements are high, and should have the ability to work stably for a long time. With these characteristics as the basis, we can guarantee the long-term use of the corresponding functions and avoid frequent maintenance and replacement to affect the user’s experience and work efficiency.

Key Performance Requirements

  1. Customizability: to meet the needs of specific application scenarios.
  2. long-term stability: to ensure the reliability of long-term use, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement.


The wide application of TFT LCD screen cannot be separated from its advantages of high definition, high brightness and high contrast ratio. At the same time, the needs of different applications also guide the technological innovation of TFT LCD screen, so that it can be better used in different fields to realize more applications.

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