NT35510 MCU 4.3 Inch High Resolution TFT display screen

  • Resolution : 480 x 800
  • View Direction:Free
  • Interface: MCU:8BIT
  • Controller IC: NT35510
  • Touch panel: RTP/CTP
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m²
  • Outline Size (mm):55.60(W)* 96.20(H) * 2.15(T)


NT35510 MCU 4.3 Inch High Resolution TFT display screen, fast shipping and top rated customer service.China tft lcd screen manufacturer, manufacturer price.

HC-397BS2006 a resolution of 480×800 pixels,IPS display sceen module, The logic power supply voltage range is 1.8V to 3.3V.For touch panel screen, we can choose capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen.The display interface type and FPC dimensions are available in standard models and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Hongcai is a professional LCD display manufacturer and supplier. Batch products have no color cast, consistent color brightness, meet industrial and consumer grade production process requirements, stable quality, continuous supply, and worry free after sales service and technical support.

Item Contents Unit
Size 3.97 inch
LCM Dimension 55.60(W)* 96.20(H) * 2.15(T) mm
LCD Active Area 51.84 * 86.40 mm
Number Of Dots 480×800 pixel
LCD Type a-Si TFT
Viewing Direction Free
Driver IC NT35510
Interface Type MCU:8BIT
Operating Temperature -20℃~ 70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~ 80℃
Backlight Type 8 LEDs
Brightness 400 cd/m2




NO. Symbol Description
3 GND Ground
5 GND Ground
6 GND Ground
7 CS Chip Select
8 RS Data/Command register address
9 WR Write signal, rising-edge-trigger.
10 RD Read signal, rising-edge-active.
11 TE Tearing effect output pin to synchronize MCU to frame writing
12 RESET Reset pin
13-20 DB0-DB7 Data Bus


We can provide 5pcs tft lcd display for free.


The required TFT Lcd screen size, resolution, communication interface type between motherboard and TFT screen, display viewing angle, touch type selection, external dimensions, structural design, voltage, connection method of FPC cable, or specified Hongcai model.

According to the needs of communication and verification, as well as standard or customized materials, such as resistive touch or capacitive touch, wiring FPC or backlight, arrange the structural drawings of TFT Lcd display screens to customers for confirmation within 2-3 days.

The sample delivery time for standardized tft display is 2-3 days. For customized lcd display, samples are made according to the confirmed drawings. Sample production takes time. The sample delivery cycle of Lcd screens is generally 7-12 days. The cycle time is 18-21 days.

After the sample production is completed, it will be inspected according to the sample delivery process, and a series of structural and electrical performance tests, high and low temperature and thermal shock aging tests, vibration tests, salt spray tests, etc. will be arranged according to the quality control procedures, and tests will be carried out according to the requirements of different customers , Provide the actual test report of the tft display to ensure the reliable performance of the tft display.

After receiving the customer’s sample, we will provide the IC driver, the initialization code of the LCD screen, and the technical support will cooperate with the adjustment program to light up.


We conduct strict quality control checks, and 100% of each product passes through at least 5 inspection stations before delivery.

No strict MOQ limit. Small quantity orders are also welcome!

Yes. We are a 12 years production manufacturer.We can provide 600K-700K/PCS for one month.

We offer a 12 months warranty. If there is a problem, we will analyze the samples and provide a report with a short-term and long-term solution. If it is a problem with our product, we will replace it.

We already have agents in some regions and we are looking for more agents in certain regions.

Standard TFT

• Sunlight readable
• Ultra-wide operating temperature and viewing angle
• Fully bonded touch screen
• Super bright display

By continuously providing innovative display solutions for different industries around the world, we understand that each product is unique and each user is special. Therefore, Hongcai has produced TFT LCD displays that meet different requirements to serve different industries.

NO.SizeResolutions View DirectionOutline Dimension
11.3 TFT Display240*240 IPS26.20*29.22*2.0HC-130HI1202ASPI
240*240 IPS26.20*29.22*1.52HC-130BC2401SPI/MCU
21.44 TFT Display128*128TN 29.50*36.50*2.5HC-144HB1204SPI
31.54 TFT Display240*240 IPS31.52*33.72*1.90HC-154HX2501MIPI
240*240 IPS31.52*33.72*1.90HC-154HI2402SPI
41.77 TFT Display128*160TN 34.00*45.83*2.35HC-177CB1001SPI
TN 34.70*46.70*2.30K177B2014MCU
52.0 TFT Display176*220TN 37.68*51.30*2.20K200B2008MCU
TN 37.68*51.30*2.20K200A20300MCU/SPI
240*320 IPS34.7*47.95*2.20H20U1302SPI
62.2 TFT Display176*220TN 40.30*54.36*2.20K220B18200SPI
TN 40.20*55.60*2.35K220A24101MCU
240*320TN 38.68*55.14*2.35HC-220BI4501MCU
240*320TN 38.68*55.14*2.35HC-220BI4002MCU/SPI/RGB
72.31 TFT Display240*320TN 50.80*45.80*2.35K230J3607MCU
TN 55.00*47.55*2.75HC-230HJ4001RGB
82.4 TFT Display240*320TN 42.72*60.26*2.30H24I2005MCU
TN 42.72*60.26*2.30H24I1002SPI
TN 42.72*59.46*2.50K240B4020RGB
92.8 TFT Display240*320TN 50.00*69.20*2.45K280I4005MCU
TN 50.00*69.20*2.30HC-280CI2410MCU
TN 50.00*69.20*2.30HC-280CI2405SPI
TN 50.00*69.20*2.30H28B4001RGB
240*400TN 43.22*73.20*3.05H28N4009RGB
TN 43.80*71.92*2.35HC-280BY4001AMCU
103.2 TFT Display240*320TN 55.04*77.20*2.50K320I20300SPI
TN 55.04*77.20*2.40HC-320HI4003MCU
TN 52.28*73.04*2.35K320T2301FMCU
TN 55.10*77.5*2.51HC-320HI5001RGB/MCU/SPI
TN 55.04*77.20*2.50C32H3201+PCBRGB
240*400TN 47.66*80.90*2.30C32T5001RGB/MCU/SPI
113.5 TFT Display320*480TN 54.48*84.71*2.30K350C20301SPI
TN 54.50*82.90*2.20K350C26301MCU
TN 54.48*84.71*2.30HC-350CJ4008RGB
TN 54.48*84.71*2.30H35K2001MIPI
480*800 IPS51.32*86.61*2.10C35B5102RGB
320*240 IPS76.84*63.84*3.3HC-350GS5401RGB
123.97 TFT Display480*800TNIPS57.14*96.85*1.90KCS39725300MIPI
134.3 TFT Display480*272TN 105.50*67.20*2.90K430N40103RGB
TN 105.50*67.20*4.10K430N45102TRGB
480*800 IPS60.34*102.40*1.85K430BS2501MIPI
144.5 TFT Display480*854 IPS60.00*109*1.70K450S3008CMIPI
155 TFT Display480*854 IPS65.30*119.30*2.10K495BS2501MIPI
800*480 IPS120.70*75.8*2.90C50H4003RGB/LVDS
165.5 TFT Display1280*720 IPS65.30*119.30*1.75K499H25100MIPI
177 TFT Display1024*600 IPS164.9*100*3.5HC-700BE5002RGB
TN 164.3*97*2.6HC-700BE2502MIPI


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