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Hongcai is a one stop tft lcd display screen modules Capacitive Touch solution factory,RGB,SPI,MCU,MIPI interface with OCA Touch panel screen(TDM).

At present, facing the future, the company will continue to uphold the core values of customer-centric, value creator-oriented, integrity and win-win, and adhere to self-criticism, constantly seek technological breakthroughs and innovative development, in order to promote China’s tft lcd display screen, realize display Make unremitting efforts to realize the dream of smart screen applications.

Let the Numbers Speak

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Company Ability

Design ability

  • 12+ year R&D experience
  • Multiple solutions for touch screen and TFT display
  • New production equipment and process research
  • Nationally recognized invention patents and patent certificates
  • Collaborate with top customers to convert novel projects into mass production.


  • 12+ years LCD/LCM manufacturing experience
  • Super-clean environment, Assembling TFT Display/Touch panel integration
  • Manufacturing TFT Lcd display bonding
  • Advanced automatic production line
  • Full 6S management and Lean management implemented.
  • Industrial ERP system.
  • Zero defect management.


  • CTP    500K/M
  • COVER LENSE    500K/M
  • TFT              800k/M
  • TFT+CTP    500K/M


  • High-temperature test (store/work)
  • Low-temperature test (store/work)
  • High-temperature & High-humidity test (store/work)
  • Thermal Shock (store/work)
  • ESD test

  • Vibration

  • Drop


  • Experience working with industry leading clients

  • Working with Hongcai is more efficiency because we understand communication effectively and quality standards

  • Our group can communicate with customers without any barriers across geographies and timezones with multi languages supports, to understand and satisfy the customers’ requirements

Competitive Advantage

Relying on the unique resource advantages, and major advantageous partners, into a strong strategic partnership.

Cooperation with global industry brand customers has comprehensively improved the company’s R&D and manufacturing level, and formed a rigorous and complete quality system, which can further provide domestic and foreign customers with high-quality products and services.

Established strategic partnerships with Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Singapore to efficiently provide complete supporting programs.

The company has fully automatic manufacturing and testing equipment.

Guaranteed to work longer than 5/H, all non-human-caused display defective products, free warranty for one year.

It has a stable and experienced R&D team; it has applied for 18 patents, of which 3 are patented inventions; it has 2 modernized laboratories, which have the ability to support the company’s 3 major business groups.

Our service

More Size

Hongcai is committed to continuously providing high-quality products and services. We continuously improve the design, manufacturing process and product quality to provide the best product performance.

Touch Panel

Provide capacitive touch screens and resistive touch screens with different process requirements of GG and GFF. Different touch screen processes are recommended for different sizes and structural designs.

Transflective LCD

Semi-reflective and semi-transparent LCD screens combine the advantages of reflective and transmissive display methods, ensuring the normal use of LCD screens in outdoor sunny environments and at night.

Ultra High Brightness

The 1000Nits ultra-high TFT module can be read under strong light such as sunlight, which solves the screen display problem of outdoor industrial control equipment and instruments.

ultra high resolution

Thanks to the abundant supply of domestic TFT, there are more ultra-high-definition TFT panels, and higher resolutions can be achieved in both small and medium sizes.


Depending on the customer’s MCU, the communication interface of the motherboard is designed in conjunction with it. SPI,RGB,MCU,MIPI,QSPI.


LCM+CTP are completely bonded together in a seamless manner, eliminating the air layer between the display and the touch screen, making the screen thinner.

Standard TFT

According to customer project design requirements, we provide appropriate prices to provide customers with satisfactory and strong support, on-time delivery and appropriate product application functions.

Our customer

Our Core Values

We believe in establishing lasting competitiveness through the closest customer connection, ensuring R&D and competitive tft lcd display screen, providing our customers with high-quality integrated solutions.


Become an excellent TFT display supplier and the best supply chain of electronic products. The speed of our processes, the discipline in our procedures, our proactivity in problem solving, our results oriented work. These factors guide us to introduce innovation, creativity and superior product differentiation that differentiate us from the competition.


We are proud of the trust shown by our partners and employees in helping us become a people-centric business organization. Our employees are a responsible corporate citizen by promoting a culture of openness and providing opportunities to grow in a friendly atmosphere, and our society by being a responsible corporate citizen.


Our Belief System

We care for our people- Our Customers by offering quality products which meet their needs; our staff by promoting a culture of openness and providing opportunities to grow in a friendly atmosphere; do a responsible corporate citizen.

Expand and continuously improve our products and services through world-class research and development programs, and provide our employees with the best possible work environment to meet and exceed their true potential and thrive in a world of excellence.

Hongcai Company will always fulfill its responsibilities to the society in good faith, serve the country and feed back the society through industry; fulfill its responsibilities to partners in good faith, do what it says and do what it does; it will perform its responsibilities to employees in good faith, respect employees, care for employees, Develop employees and provide employees with a stage to show their talents.


Respected TFT display supplier


Displays make the world go round



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