What is a 4.3 inch TFT display?

Ⅰ. Basic content

4.3-inch display is a common screen size, usually used in portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Its advantages include high definition, high brightness, wide viewing angle, and low energy consumption.

The 4.3-inch display has a diagonal length of approximately 10.92 cm and a resolution of 480×800 or 540×960 pixels, which enables it to provide clear image and video display. In addition, the 4.3-inch display also has a touch screen function to facilitate user operation and interaction.

During the production process, the 4.3-inch display screen may use different display technologies, such as TFT, IPS, etc. These technologies will affect the screen’s response speed, color reproduction, viewing angle and other parameters. At the same time, different equipment manufacturers will also adjust screen brightness, contrast and other parameters to meet different market needs.

In summary, the 4.3-inch display is a screen size that has many advantages and is widely used in various portable devices.

Ⅱ. Display technical parameters

The 4.3-inch display has the following specific technical parameters:

  1. Screen size: 4.3 inches.
  2. Screen type: IPS true color TFT.
  3. Resolution: 480×800 dots.
  4. View direction: IPS.
  5. Backlight type: White LED.
  6. Driver IC: NT35510.
  7. Interface type: MCU:8BIT/16BIT.

Ⅲ. Recommend low-cost products

4.3 インチ 480X800 TFT lcd 表示 MCU インターフェイス

Resolution : 480 x 800 View Direction:Free Interface: MCU:8BIT/16BIT Controller IC: NT35510 Touch panel: RTP/CTP Brightness: 250 cd/m² Outline Size (mm):60.34(W)* 102.40(H) * 1.95(T)

Ⅳ. The 4.3-inch display has the following advantages:

  1. Strong portability: Compared with larger-sized displays, the 4.3-inch screen is thinner, lighter and easier to carry. It can be easily placed in a pocket or backpack and is suitable for various portable devices.
  2. High definition: The 4.3-inch display has high definition and resolution, which can provide clearer images and video display effects, allowing users to enjoy a better visual experience.
  3. Wide viewing angle: The 4.3-inch display has a wide viewing angle, allowing more people to watch the screen content at the same time. It is suitable for public places or sharing the viewing experience with friends.
  4. Touch screen function: 4.3-inch display screens usually have touch screen functions to facilitate user operation and interaction, and can support handwriting input, touch screen menus and other functions.
  5. High brightness: The 4.3-inch display has high brightness and can be used in bright environments without affecting the display effect, allowing users to clearly see the screen content outdoors or under strong light.
  6. Low energy consumption: The 4.3-inch display has the characteristics of low energy consumption, which can reduce the battery consumption of the device and improve the battery life of the device, so that users do not need to charge frequently during use.
  7. High stability: The 4.3-inch display has good stability and durability, can ensure long-term use and reliability requirements, and is suitable for use in various fields and scenarios.

In short, the 4.3-inch display has many advantages and advantages, is suitable for various scenarios and usage needs, and is one of the common screen sizes.