TFT-LCD panel core components analysis

TFT-LCD panel, i.e. thin-film transistor liquid crystal display, mainly consists of three core components: LCD panel, TFT panel and backlight module.
LCD panel: consists of two glass substrate sandwich liquid crystal layer, liquid crystal molecules do not emit light itself, with the help of external light source.
TFT panel: thin-film transistor, as a switch to control the deflection angle of liquid crystal molecules, to realize the image display.
Backlight panel module: including LED backlight, light guide plate, reflective plate, diffusion sheet, light-enhancing sheet, etc., to provide a uniform, high-brightness light source for the LCD panel.
Detailed analysis of backlight module
Backlight source: LED type is mostly used to emit white light as the light source of LCD panel.
Light guide plate: evenly distributes the light from the backlight source to the entire LCD panel.
Reflector: Ensure that the light is concentrated towards the liquid crystal molecules.
Diffuser: Adjusts the angle of light diffusion to increase the area of light radiation and improve uniformity.
Light Booster Sheet (Prismatic Film): Enhances the brightness and converges the light to the front viewing angle.
Other key components
Polarizer: Allows light to pass through from a single direction, determining the display’s polarization performance, transmittance, etc.
Color Filter: Provides red, green and blue primary colors to work with liquid crystal molecules to achieve full-color display.
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