What is a 7.0 inch TFT display?

Ⅰ. Basic content

7.0-inch TFT LCD display screen IPS screen is a kind of liquid crystal display technology, which has the advantages of high definition, high brightness, wide viewing angle and excellent color performance. The IPS screen uses a rigid LCD panel, which has excellent response speed and stability, and can provide a wider viewing angle, making the viewing experience more comfortable.

Such screens are often used in devices such as high-end smartphones, tablets, TVs and monitors to provide excellent image quality and user experience. Compared with the 5.0-inch IPS screen, the 7.0-inch IPS screen has a larger size and higher resolution, which can provide more detailed and clear images, and is suitable for high-end application scenarios such as watching high-definition videos and playing games. At the same time, due to its larger size, it is more suitable for use in tablets, TVs and other devices.

Ⅱ. Display technical parameters

The 7.0-inch display has the following specific technical parameters:

  1. Dimensions: 7 inches diagonally.
  2. Resolution: Typically 1024×600 pixels or higher.
  3. Display type: IPS (landscape).
  4. Brightness: 250-450 cd/m² (supports brightness customization).
  5. Reliability range: operating temperature range is -20 ~ 70℃, storage temperature range is -30 ~ 80℃.
  6. Appearance dimensions (width × height): The viewing area size is usually 154.21(H) × 85.92(V) mm, and the outer frame size is usually 165 × 100 × 2.8/3.5/5.7 mm.
  7. Other sizes: Interfaces usually include RGB, MIPI, etc.
  8. Panel type: a-Si TFT-LCD.
  9. Viewing angle: full viewing angle

Ⅲ. Recommend low-cost products

7 بوصة 1024*600 RGB TFT TFT IPS LCD مقاس 7 بوصة وحدة عرض LCD

►Resolution : 1024×600 dots ►View Direction: IPS ►Interface: RGB ►Driver IC: EK79001 ►CTP/RTP : Optional ►Brightness(cd/m²): 500 ►Outline Dimension: 164.90 (W) * 100.00 (H) * 3.5(T)mm

Ⅳ. The 7.0-inch display has the following advantages:

  1. Wide viewing angle: The liquid crystal molecules of the IPS screen rotate in a plane, so it has a better viewing angle performance. It can achieve a viewing angle of close to 180 degrees in the four axes of up, down, left, and right, which is wider than the viewing angle of the LED screen.
  2. Realistic colors: The IPS screen has better color flipping and brightness conversion performance, making the pictures viewed by users from any angle bright, saturated and natural.
  3. High dynamic definition: The IPS screen has a faster response speed, can play high-definition videos, and can maintain high definition when processing dynamic images.
  4. Strong anti-interference ability: IPS screen has strong anti-interference ability, which can reduce the interference of external factors on the picture.
  5. Occupies less resources: The software of the IPS screen is relatively simple and does not require additional signal conversion chips to transmit instructions.
  6. Good touch experience: IPS screens usually use touch screen technology, allowing users to operate by touching the screen, improving interactivity and user experience.
  7. Energy saving and environmental protection: The IPS screen is made of low-power technology and environmentally friendly materials, which can reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment.
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